1) What's her job? She's_________.
a) a teacher b) the teacher c) teacher d) teachers

2) Would you like__________ coffee?
a) some b) a c) the d) another

3) Does __________ like milk?
a) she b) his c) her d) we

4) Is that__________ car?
a) you a) you c) your d) him

5) Where __________?
a) he is working b) he works c) is he work d) does he work

6) __________ some really nice places for walking in North of England.
a) there is b) it is c) there are d) they are

7) You can't go skiing__________ any snow.
a) there isn't b) there is no c) it isn't d) it is no

8) I__________ speak English quite well now.
a) can b) may c) could d) might

9) What's the matter? I __________ for David. Have you seen him anywhere?
a) look b) am looking c) have been looking d) have looked

10) Do you like__________ in New York?
a) lives b) living c) lived d) live

11) Yesterday she__________ some nice shoes.
a) buy b) bought c) buys d) buyed

12) Where __________ yesterday?
a) did you go b) went you c) you go d) you went

13) Next month she __________ 18 years old.
a) will be b) shall being c) will being d) shall be

14) Some people think Russian is __________ than English.
a) more difficult b) most difficult c) much difficult d) difficulter

15) Where is my book? –Oh, I __________ it somewhere.
a) see b) saw c) had seen d) have seen

16) Are you__________ doing your homework?
a) yet b) now c) already d) still

17) Are you learning English? Yes, I __________ it since July.
a) am learning b) learned c) have been learning d) learn

18) When I was younger I __________smoke a lot.
a) use b) was using c) used to d) used

19) Her parents haven't got a car, and __________.
a) she also b) neither she has c) neither has she d) nor she has

20) Two weeks__________ since I started my letter to you.
a) had gone b) have gone c) went d) gone

21) When I saw him he __________ a letter.
a) wrote b) has written c) writing d) was writing

22) The theory __________ in the past.
a) has been well received b) has well received c) was well received d) was well receiving

23) Many different languages __________ in India.
a) speak b) spoke c) are speaking d) are spoken

24) If I __________ her address I would write to her
a) know b) will know c) would know d) knew

25) Oh, how I wish it __________ summer!
a) were b) is c) to be d) will be

26) You went to Rome last month,__________?
a) didn't you b) went you c) haven't you d) are you

27) Are you looking __________ your key? Here it is.
a) at b) after c) through d) for

28) Jane wrote them a letter a week after she __________ from a business trip from South America.
a) returned b) has returned c) had returned d) returns

29) What about __________ to the country next week?
a) go b) going c) to go d) gone

30) I__________ go to India next week.
a) would like b) like c) like to d) would like to

31) Plants die if you __________ them.
a) won't water b) don't water c) wouldn't water d) would water

32) I'm sure he will give me some money. I __________ surprised if he refused.
a) would b) would have been c) would be d) was

33) I feel awful. I wish I __________ so much cake.
a) haven't eaten b) hadn't eaten c) don't eat d) didn't eat

34) His test is the best in class. He ___________ last night.
a) should study b) should have studied c) must have studied d) must have to study

35) What do you think you __________ this time next year?
a) do b) are doing c) will be doing d) will be done

36) Oh, look! Mr Thompson __________ be here: there's his car.
a) must b) can c) would d) has

37) Excuse me, I haven't anywhere __________!
a) for sitting b) to sit c) that I sit d) that I'm sitting

38) He wondered if she __________ the article by noon.
a) would be translating b) would translate c) would have translated d) would translated

39) Would you mind __________ off the radio?
a) turning b) to turn c) turn d) to be turned

40) He had an accident in his car. He __________ where he was going.
a) should have looked b) should be looking c) should look d) mustn't have looked

41) A friend ___________ went to call on him the morning.
a) mine b) of mine c) of me d) my

42) Can you tell me where __________ your clothes?
a) did you buy b) did you bought c) you bought d) do you buy

43) He is very rich. He ___________ work for a living.
a) oughtn't b) mustn't c) doesn't need d) doesn't have to

44) I don't like flying, so I __________ travel by sea than by air.
a) had better b) would rather c) would prefer d) would better

45) I couldn't buy that dress as I had __________ money.
a) few b) a few c) little d) a little

46) Who is responsible __________ this work?
a) by b) to c) for d) of

47) After it __________ raining, we went out.
a) stopped b) has stopped c) had stopped d) would stop

48) I thought you said Ann __________ to the party.
a) went b) was going c) will go d) has gone

49) When I arrived Ann __________ for me. She was rather angry as I was late.
a) had waited b) had been waiting c) has waited d) waited

50) I didn't have time to read this document. I only looked __________ .
a) it through b) through it c) for it d) by it